Moving Forward

This weeks topic for following my God-sized dream is to recall a positive step that I took in the past that helped me move forward.  As I reflect, a lot of what I did in the past to “move forward” was out of sheer will power.  So this is a challenging question for me.  While […]

Magnificent Smiles

Smiles make the day brighter!  It’s amazing to me how when crossing path’s with a stranger how the simple exchange of a smile can brighten my whole day.  There is a connection and acknowledgment without words that goes to my soul.  I experience kindred spirits on the path of life.  No words, no requests, nothing […]

When You are Worn

Today I feel a little worn out and tired.  There are so many things I care about and for.  There’s so much that I am realizing I am powerless over.  The timing of my growth as a person in areas I am challenged and as an artist may be in that realm. My job is […]

Who’s Sharing My Journey?

My God Sized Dream buddy hasn’t been chosen yet.  I have shared my God Sized Dream with a friend who understands it.  Perhaps she’s the perfect buddy for this.  She also loves painting, wanted to  pursue her Masters in that but ended up in another field.  We have a lot in common.  Spirituality is important […]

A Globalized Aesthetic

Last night I attended an exhibit called “World Sampler” at Artworks in Trenton, NJ. It was a group exhibit with a variety of works of art that spoke to an emerging “globalized aesthetic”.  It also touched on the idea that “we live in a world that is constantly changing and becoming conceptually smaller and more […]

Saturday without Structure

Freedom to explore today. There are no plans, no urgent commitments on my plate today. That can be exhilarating and also terrifying.  Structure – what do I do without “structure”? If I sit quietly I  feel some discomfort. I think the “expanse” and “freedom” can be overwhelming and immobilize me.  Maybe that’s what I need, […]


Do you ever catch yourself focusing on all the things that “aren’t working” in your life? I realize ever so humbly that often this can be my tendency… It’s not helpful as an artist or very meaningful as it removes me from the source of my being. My very nature. As I accept my character […]

Purpose Passion?

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”—  Bishop T.D. Jakes Wow!  As I was reviewing my “inbox” this morning I came across something from my subscription to “Oprah’s Thought for Today Newsletter” and this was in the header.  It validated so […]

Loss as a Doorway

This morning I am experiencing feelings of loss.  I suppose we all have those throughout life.What’s challenging for me is letting myself be aware and have the feelings. My tendency is to cover them up with busyness. Lately I’m being challenged with my painting. The outcomes aren’t as my minds eye envisions them.  I wonder […]

Inspiration in the Mundane

Good morning…it’s Saturday and I am considering is there inspiration in the mundane?  Is anything really mundane?  What does that mean for me? Is that a matter of perception? I have some chores and responsibilities to tend to today. One is taking down my Christmas tree.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I […]